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Default Re: what do you i need NBNG templates?

I think your boutiques are very, very close. Which method are you using?

When you're looking at your boutique, ideally you want the backs of the loops horizontal, and the fronts of the loops to make a very, very vertical x. I mean, as NARROW as you can get it. If you use the method with the pin in the center (That is my fave) then use two alligator clips to keep the backs horizontal & rotate the fronts more vertically to get that super narrow X, then stitch & tie off. I stick the pin in the armrest of my couch & do these while watching movies on the weekend, but you could also stick the pin in an eraser.

They are beautiful bows, even if they aren't perfectly twisted. IMO, someone who didn't make bows wouldn't know they weren't ideal.
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