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What great tips! Thanks for sharing!!

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
Yvonne - Thanks No heatnbond on that bow at all. I just have made hundreds of cheer bows so I have a method down. If I have a squad that wants to super stiff cheer bow I don't mind doing it but I find the cheerleaders like the fact that the tails "fly" up and down as they jump and nod their heads instead of just sticking out straight. It's a preference.

Pony-O - I always always sew. I sew my bows, use really long craft-button thread that's doubled and knotted at the end. after sewing around to secure the bow I sew the pony around and around. I would be afraid that only glue would eventually wear and break free.

I also include an instruction card for each bow so the parents have care instructions (no hairspray on the sequin and they will show wear the more they're handled). I emphasize that the pony should not be used to secure the ponytail, only the bow to the pony. I recommend that the ponytail use at least 1 if not 2 pony holders before putting the pony on the bow. This will also extend the life of elastic.

Sequin - yes it's material. You can buy it in a variety of colors. Cut into strips, cut the heatnbond into strips, iron onto the sequin, then iron onto coordinating ribbon. I prefer heatnbond lite so it's not so stiff.

Mar-leabowtique - I don't want the ribbon to not be centered at the loops either which is why I tack them to keep them centered.
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