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Default Re: I am so excited!

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I had so much fun with it last night. I got the sewing machine part set up and I did a couple of appliques with it. It sews a little smoother than my old hand me down machine. My goal today is to get the embroidery part set up and play....all day. I ordered some wholesale shirts and paid extra to have them delivered by Thursday.

It came with some images loaded in it but then it also has a disk with a ton more on it. To embroidery on ribbon I need a really small hoop right? It came with a really large one and a smaller one but someone told me I should get a 2x2 hoop for ribbon.
I use my 5x7 hoop to embroider ribbon, as well. I hoop my ribbon, but I'm sure you don't have to. Since the sticky stabilizer is so expensive here ($45 a package ) I decided that was too much for my pockets. So, when I embroider ribbon for key fobs I use cutaway stabilizer and use Craft Bond spray adhesive to adhere the ribbon to the stabilizer. I ran out of my Sulky temporary adhesive spray and the Craft Bond was what I had on hand. It's worked really well, so I keep using it. It hasn't gummed up my needle, so far. When I embroider ribbon for hair bows I use a tear away stabilizer since I am usually just embroidering one or two letters and it doesn't pucker. It looks nicer on the back of the ribbon, too.

For embroidering ribbon: Good adhesion of the ribbon to the stabilizer, a #8 or #9 size needle, and slow the speed of your machine are good tips to minimize puckering and to get your embroidery to look clean and smooth. I'm no expert or anything, but I've embroidered a butt load of ribbon in the past few weeks for key fobs and hair bows and this is what's worked for me. Here are some pics of the bajillion key fobs I've embroidered:
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