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Default Re: How I attach korker bows to clips :)

Originally Posted by rachel66 View Post
question for you-that bow is so pretty and mine never look like that--but do you have the korker facing down or up when you thread it? does that make sense? about how many pieces of ribbon is that and what length did you cut them?
That korker bow had 24 - 3" long korkers (4 each of 6 different colors). That's my favorite size to make because it's a good compromise between being pretty and poofy, yet not taking foreeeeeever to put together, lol.

I usually stick my needle into the korker from the outside of the curl at the middle. The needle goes from the outside toward the middle and then each end of the korker sticks up a bit naturally when turned right-side up. I hadn't really ever thought about it mattering until you asked, lol. I mainly do it that way so that they all face 'up' in the same direction - that way it's easier for each one to be flattened out in the middle as they're stacked together so that I can sew through the whole stack several times to make sure they don't come apart.
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