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Default Re: attaching korker question

I do mine a bit different and basically work it like a normal bow center except from the bottom of the bow.

The first piece of ribbon I put on the bottom of my korker is just a small piece of regular 3/8ths ribbon. Then I do all the korkers, sew through the whole stack a few times and knot on the bottom. That little piece of regular ribbon becomes just like a bow center.

Just glue the korker on with a dab 'o glue, making sure the little uncurled ribbon is perpendicular to the clip, and wrap the ends of it underneath,trim any extra, and glue in place like you would any other normal bow center.

This just gives it a bit more hold in my opinion, and even with substantial pulling (I do test pulling on everything to see if it will come off easily) they don't budge a bit!

Does that make sense at all? Wait! I just realized I may have pictures! Ooo, I do - yay!

I put them in this thread:
Have a great day! ~ Tonya

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