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Default STINKY tulle

I dont really know where to post this, but this is my first guess. Does anyone know why tulle smells like fish?????? Its driving me nuts! I bought some from UB and it just reaked like fish!! I thought maybe it was just a bad batch or something but I bought some off the bolt at Joanns fabric and it smells even worse! I havent done anything with it yet because it stinks so bad. I made a tutu with some tulle from joanns about 2 months ago and hung it in the bathroom to steam the wrinkles out and afterwards it brought out the fish smell and stunk SOOOOO bad I had to just toss it outside because it stunk up the whole living room! It seems like some colors stink worse because the maroon and dark green I used yesterday dident stink. I hope someone knows what Im talking about! I have a sensitve nose, but my hubby can smell it too. I dont feel comfortable selling anything that smells that way!!!
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