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Default Re: Q: How to glue swarovski crystal?

Originally Posted by ayesha View Post
THANKS CYNTHIA... wow... your ELMO LOOKs AWESOME!!! i love it.. i sukaaaa sangattt!!! and lil' WA WA sounds sooo cute.... is it just a nickname for your store or you call your daughter WA WA by the way, how long have you been in the states? planning to balik cuti at all to malaysia?
lol..makasih Ayesha.. =) WaWa is my DD's nickname. Ya know lil' girls couldn't pronounce Lawa coz of the letter "L". And could only pronounce it as Wawa?...yeah, that's how DD got the nickname. Been here in the States since '06 from Germany. Nak Balik kampung, sighs, tengok duit dulu...lmao!... Kapih nih if beli 5

Did you figured out the hot fix thingy yet?

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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