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Originally Posted by loki_freak_420 View Post
i guess what i am really lookin for is the layered boutique. but i havent found any tuts that are free. i found one that is close to the one i want but it isnt quite thee i want it to be really big and the tut i fount is for a small one and it doesnt have as many layers as i would like
The big layered bows take a while to get good at making them. I found that even when I paid for the tutorial I still spent months perfecting it and now it doesnt even look like the picture in the tutorial I bought, it is more of a spin off with my own personal style. And I still dont think it is as perfect as I want it to be

This is just my personal opinion- I wouldnt recommend trying a layered boutique for your first bow, and I certianly wouldnt use my first for photos! Especialy if you are wanting the twisted boutique style, that takes months or years to perfect

Again this is my personal opinion, but if you want the bow to look good in the photos I would go with something more simple

girlythings is a great place to start. Good Luck!

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