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Default Re: bling or twinkle toe shoes- whatcha think

I think the hot fix will melt the rubber. I tried it on a pair and ruined them. I also tried super glue and that was a mess too. I have never tried E6000. will the stones not fall off when they are worn? That is my biggest fear. I have not tried them again since I messed up like 4 pair this summer!
BTY they look great. You did a fantastic job!

Originally Posted by PaperDolls View Post
They look great!!

I just bought my daughter a pair of hot pink sparkle converse and I want to add bling to the toes, but am not sure where to start.

Do you think a hotfix tool would work or might it melt the shoe rubber? Where did you start? How many did you know to add or did you just keep going until it was full? What size bling did you use? I am afraid to end up with white space if I start off wrong.

I really love how they look- SO CUTE!

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