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Default Need advice on lighting or camera

Ladies, can you visit my website? on the first page, the main featured items you will see all the photos taken, some has darker background, except the boutique rose and loopy bow, the rest are on the same colored white background. but they don't llook the same, some is darker and others are whiter... sometimes i'm thinking , it could be the light, but otherwise it could be my camera as well. My camera sometimes takes good picture with the same feature that i'm on, the next click would be horrible without changes.. this is nuts.. that's why am hating taking pics coz i have to take loads of them to get the best results.. could you advice me on some cheap but besst results camera and lighting. i got my 'magic lighting box' but my lights aren't all white.. abit yellowish.. where can get good lights too and not too expensve? how and what do you use for yours, both lighting and camera.. please share. thanks
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