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OMG - 60 Korkers in an hour? You are amazing! They take me forever to make, but am trying to build up my speed. They are time consuming, but so very cute!

Originally Posted by BowHeadz View Post
Personally, I use 5 yards per korker. Mine are about 3" wide. After the ribbon is cut it ends up being about 25 korked "pieces".
I use 1/4 dowels to korker. I spray first with starch and then with hairspray and bake @ 275 for about 45 minutes (most people do about 25 but I like to leave it in longer) Immediately after cooking I set the dowels in front of a fan to quick cool them. They seem to hold their shape better this way (or maybe I just think they do )
I use a rotary cutter to cut my ribbon so I can do lots of it at once. Just lay the ribbon out, measure your size for the cuts, and then hold a ruler down on top to make it easier to cut.
After the korker is made I trim the ends and heat seal. It takes me about an hour to make around 60 korkers!
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