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Originally Posted by BowHeadz View Post
Personally, I use 5 yards per korker. Mine are about 3" wide. After the ribbon is cut it ends up being about 25 korked "pieces".
I use 1/4 dowels to korker. I spray first with starch and then with hairspray and bake @ 275 for about 45 minutes (most people do about 25 but I like to leave it in longer) Immediately after cooking I set the dowels in front of a fan to quick cool them. They seem to hold their shape better this way (or maybe I just think they do )
I use a rotary cutter to cut my ribbon so I can do lots of it at once. Just lay the ribbon out, measure your size for the cuts, and then hold a ruler down on top to make it easier to cut.
After the korker is made I trim the ends and heat seal. It takes me about an hour to make around 60 korkers!

I also like kate use the quick cool method, but i put mine immedely into the freezer from the oven. I do not starch, and they really hold their shape this way!
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