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Default Re: What about valentines?

Originally Posted by bowmania View Post
All the Christmas ribbon is packed away. I don't do any Feb shows, so I have started working on spring
This is my first year making bows and thanks god I have sold much more than I thought not because I am a pro like you ladies I still have a long way to go but I guess it is because what I make is soo different from the bows that exist here in my country...for example streamers had never been seen here till i started making them so I`ve learned lots of things from you guys that are not common at all here.That`s is why I am still working on xmas orders althought not everything is xmas ribbon there are lots for gifts in regular ribbon colors but it has been a lot of stress making everything in the last minute that`s why I want to start ahead....I think I am going to start making xmas clips since feb...that way I wont be soo sick of them when xmas arrives next year LOL
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