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Default Re: Fabric covered buttons

Originally Posted by Gulana94 View Post
I remember seeing this hand held tool, it had pink grips, you put the button parts together and you clamp it together with this tool. I know it exists I saw the advertisement in a craft magazine.
I know a little about button machine history. This is one type of hand-held snap tool:

It is the only tool I know of that remotely matches your description. It makes a "snap button" but not a fabric covered button. Additionally, there is a wire fencing tool called "Button pliers" - named after a man named "Button" and has nothing to do with actual buttons.

Button machines have existed since the early Victorian era. The basic design has not changed in over 100 years:

Over the years, Dritz and others have adapted the process for home use. This one has been discontinued:

...and replaced with the more familiar:

...and this kind (no tool required):

Maybe you saw a photo of snap (or possibly eyelet) pliers next to a photo of a cover button package, and mentally fused them. The tool you're describing doesn't exist, and never has.
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