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Default Re: Pillowcase Dresses?

hi.. just wanted to say first that i LOOOVE this site.. i came across it last week sometime and im obsessed! hah this is my first post too!

anywho.. i also just tried my first attempt at a pillowcase dress.. with my new first sewing machine that i just got a few days ago.. i guess it wasnt a COMPLETE disaster haha
one question tho.. hope its ok to ask here in this post thats already questioning pillowcase dresses.. how exactly are you supposed to "properly" hem the underarm?? with slits every inch or so?? i guess it looks ok from the outside but the inside looks a mess.. i think its also supposed to be doubled.. but eh.. it would still look yuk on the inside the way i did it
ive been trying to google a tutorial with pictures but i cant seem to find anything that helps yet =\ any advice would be much appreciated!

heres my efforts.. lol

the pillowcase came from walmart.. single standard size "mainstays" pillowcase 2.50!
the ribbon at the bottom was from walmart also.. it was either 1.97 or 2.97
i also picked up some super cute fabric.. once i get the hand of this.. ima practice on some old pillowcases.. all the reason to go get new ones! haha
heres the fabrics i found at walmart.. 2 bucks a yard!! they usually have some cute stuff for $1/yard too!

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