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Default Re: Stacked bow/upside down bottom

Originally Posted by Lynn* View Post
I don't because if I do the bottom bow will be smashed when putting on the hair. I like the way the spikes curl up a little bit in between two layers. In fact it helps hold the arrangement of the spikes more secure. Don't squeeze the center too much though - it'll be chunky anyway and you'll hardly see it, so it doesn't matter - I've heard quite a few bow makers said they hate the center being thick and I've been asking myself what's the difference - you won't see it clearly in a stacked bow while being used anyway. If you squeeze it too hard at the center it'll ruin the shapes of the surrounding and the spikes.
I've seen pinwheel for the bottom bow and it looks nice. Personally I prefer 1.5" twisted boutique for the bottom, it gives more volume and a 3D sense, it depends on personal taste I guess...
I really like the 3D look, like you said, of the twisted bow. I was going to try the pinwheel bottom, but I'm going to do it with the twisted instead. I'll make it with the bottom bow facing up. I see what you're saying about the bottom bow getting smashed if it's upside down. Great tip about not squeezing the center too much. Lynn, your stuff is ALWAYS amazing.

Originally Posted by allthefrills View Post
Nope, I do not.

You're like the queen of the stacked bow. Every time I see your bows I turn green with envy. You're so talented!
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