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Default Re: I need an infant model

Originally Posted by Lauren0609 View Post
I live in GA and I have an almost 7 month old little girl. I'm no pro photographer by any means but I have a Nikon D80 that I love playing with. Photography is such a fun hobby! I LOVE your fabric flowers by the way! so cute! I'd be more than happy to get some pictures of her wearing it for you OR I have our family photographer who is awesome that is always loves new props for her studio. In fact she takes pictures of my daughter in my stuff for me for my etsy and facebook in exchange for products. I'll include some pics. The first one is one I took outside (she is sitting up by herself now) and the others are of our photographer. I could talk to her if you are interested in having her do them. The only thing I would say about her doing them is that she would probably put her watermark on them. Let me know what you think.

OMG she is a doll! Where did her outfit (jammies?) come from in the 3rd picture?
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