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Default Re: Customer rewards

Originally Posted by shelby2000 View Post
Do any of you ladies offer your customers rewards for buying a certain amount from you? I have several moms that order over $100 of my items at a time, and I feel like I should reward them in some way for being loyal, returning customers. For example, I was thinking when they spend $50 or over they could either get something free or a coupon for a certain percentage off on their next purchase. For the free items I was thinking anything worth up to $10 or 10% off their next purchase. What other ideas do you have?

I was thinking about doing the same thing. But what I was going to do was to take 5% off orders over 50 and 10% off orders over 100 automatically. I was also thinking about throwing in a free gift at 25 (maybe a clippie or simple bow) I also have some bows that I no longer want to try and sell so I was thinking about giving those away with each order up until the end of the year.
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