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Originally Posted by NYGalinSteerland View Post
See, I totally disagree with this. I have a similar arrangement with a friend. High resolution pictures are $$$ and to get the rights, that is worth a ton of $$$ as well! She was asked to model, IMO, the 25% off is just an extra perk.

To original poster. I would give her the 5 photos and along with those a letter stating that you will not be using her photos and that you are basically cutting all ties. People try to get over on others and I am sure she is a complainer.
I am just saying that she should have given all info prior to the shoot. I know they had an agreement and that I what should be honored. However knowing they may want to order some pictures a pricelist should have been given in advance. I am merely suggesting that in the future provide all info then you will not have this problem. As a consumer it doesn't seem fair to me get pricing later even if it was just for modeling. She knew there was a chance they would want to order more
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