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Korker ribbon is fun and easy!!!

Materials needed

small diameter dowel
2 wooden clothespins
grosgrain ribbon (small width works best)

oven, foil and water!

Heat your oven to 275degrees ...cover the center rack with a piece of foil (to protect the ribbon..from rack marks)

clip(with clothespin) the end of the ribbon to the dowel and twist/spin(corkscrew) the ribbon down the dowel...tight not overlaping it.

cut and secure with 2nd clothespin

Wet (I just run it under the water till it is wet)
Bake for 15-20 will be dry. let cool and unwind.

cut to length..make sure to either heat seal or fray check the ends so that it dosen't unravel!!!

It is all up to you...size of the dowel ...width of the ribbon...100%polyester ribbon is what you need...and grosgrain works best for me.

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