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Default Re: Why are templates SO expensive? :(

Templates are expensie b/c those that developed them dedicated their time and resources to bringing them to market.

I LOVE the NBNG templates. I considered them an investment in my business. I did not have time to learn by trial and error, I needed quality instructions and that is what I got with NBNG. Both the instructions and the templates rock, and personally, I think they are worth every.single.penny and them some. I guess I just don't see how $40, $60, even $100 is lot of money when you are planning on using them to make bows, that you will them sell...these pay for themselves!

In addition, Devon has been available to me on more than one occassion to answer specific questions I have had, as I am sure she is to anyone that purchases her product.

FWIW, my dh is in the process if getting something patented and it is VERY expensive...yes, about the cost of a downpayment on a very nice house. I commend the women that follow through with their ideas and make an awesome product available to us.

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