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Default Re: Why are templates SO expensive? :(

Originally Posted by NoBowNoGo View Post
As a template seller I can help to answer this question. There is so much that goes into getting a product from an idea to market.
For me, there was more than a year of design, testing, getting samples from different manufacturers, writing the instructions, etc. (For some others... they just wait until someone else does all the work and copy) Did I just say that???
There were several alterations on the design and material alone (I did learn that acrylic shatters... lol) and I went through 3 manufacturers before finding the right one. The first one I paid close to $700 for the samples and did not like them, so that was just a loss.
My first orders have been small because I can't afford to order hundreds of thousands of templates, so I pay a lot more per template. If some major company came in and bought a million sets they'd be dirt cheap, but when you order smaller qty's they are a lot more. They are also very heavy when you put a bunch of them in a box and the shipping is OUTRAGEOUS!
By the time you calculate all the costs involved, fees you pay, and taxes, I can guarantee you nobody's getting rich off of them. And for those of us (ahem... me and Karyn who put a lot of effort into the instructions you get with it, that alone is worth a lot too.
I know a lot of people who sell their instructions for the same price as I sell my templates AND instructions, so I feel like it's a pretty good deal that you're getting an actual product as well and not just an ebook.
And for those of you that make your own, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some will make them and some will buy... it's just a preference. I personally couldn't stand my floppy cardboard I started with and wobbly plastic that closed up in the center when I wrapped ribbon around it. I was determined to find something solid and sturdy and went on a mission which led me to where I am now. I did make my spiral bound book available in print for those who have their own templates but need instructions just for this reason.
Oh, and did I mention the trademark and patent? That's some BIG bucks there. I could have put a down payment on a house for what I spent on the patent, but wanted to protect my idea instead (So here I sit in this dumpy rent house ). The trademark protects my biz name and the patent will protect my template design when finalized. Can't wait for that day! Talk about a CELEBRATION!
I'm sure that's much more than you ever wanted to know... hehehehe
Sorry... but I could talk about this stuff all day. Have any other questions??? I'm an open book.
Does anyone else feel like we were just visited by a celebrity or am I just a DORK!!?? The TNT templates and instructions are the absolute best and mine easily paid for themselves in the fact that I never had to throw away a bunch of wasted ribbon/bows! I can never say enough wonderful things about them!!
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