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Default Re: Advice Needed.....

Originally Posted by ladybugsandwiggleworms View Post
I can see both sides

you two have an agreement and she should go by that. You are mad that she wants more for free. She is mad about your pricing. I think that even with giving the 5 free pictures you should have given her the price list ahead of time. She should have been given any and all info in the beginning to make sure this is something she wanted to enter into.

Look at the way she feels she feels you held out the pricelist to get them to agree to the photoshoot.

Then you feel she is just trying to get something for free.

Next time have a contract and give them all info about pricing and options ahead of time where they can see if this is something that they want to do. They should have all info ahead of time and not be blindsided by pricing afterwards. All info should be provided in order to make everyone happy
See, I totally disagree with this. I have a similar arrangement with a friend. High resolution pictures are $$$ and to get the rights, that is worth a ton of $$$ as well! She was asked to model, IMO, the 25% off is just an extra perk.

To original poster. I would give her the 5 photos and along with those a letter stating that you will not be using her photos and that you are basically cutting all ties. People try to get over on others and I am sure she is a complainer.
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