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Default Re: Advice Needed.....

I'm sorry if this was already stated bc i didn't read all the replies but

I worked at a studio for a high end photographer and truthfully she barely ever gave her images as a digital file. You shouldn't feel bad for not giving her more. A photographer makes their money off of images and she got a great deal getting the images as digital files! You just need to point out what the deal was and that be the end of it. I had a really hard time working their b/c i was not assertive when dealing with customers and the money side. I always sounded unsure which made the customer think they had a choice in the matter (i've learned how not to do that now).

Anyways, i would just stated it and be firm (but polite) and that be it. If she doesn't like it apologize and move on!

I hope this helps and good luck!
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