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Default Re: Advice Needed.....

Originally Posted by mommyof3princesses View Post
I agree! That is just ridiculous that she is doing that to you. FREE pictures doesn't come by very often especially GREAT FREE pictures! If I were her I'd shut up and take the freebies. That is just me though. I'm sorry you are having to go through this. I hope you can get it resolved but it sounds like she's a complainer no matter what the situation.
Well said!
Seriously!!! She is getting 5 FREE digital photos, really??!! How could anyone even think to ask for more than that? Some people!!!

You probably already know the answer you want to give her!
IF you really feel you MUST give more, I wouldn't!, give her 1 more very small low res picture with copy rights kept. Tell
her she is more than welcome to email you if she wants anymore, but give her a time limit to do so, what 4 months?
something like that.

I wouldn't do what you are though! Maybe 1 FREE photo, no more, you have a business, to make money, not give it away!
Sorry you are going thru this, there seems to always be just that one customer you wish would have never contacted you!
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