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Default Re: Advice Needed.....

I say give her the 5 free images and don't give her the satisfaction of using her images. You can also add, "Don't let the door hit in the a** on the way out!" Blow it off as a lesson learned and move onto bigger and better. Even if she does say something bad about you, she's not Oprah and her words most likely aren't going to spread too far. LOL!

When I first started making jewelry, I had one lady order a bracelet from me, complained that it wasn't worth the price I charged and then she turned around and ordered another one. I told her she could suck it. No, I didn't say that! I told her thanks, but no thanks. I'm sure she's said lots of bad stuff about me, but who cares. My customers are loyal, faithful customers, so I'm not too worried. So, don't let anyone bully you into anything. Some people just like being difficult horse's behinds. Stick to your prices, your arrangements, or whatever it is that you've decided. This is your business, not a hobby. Okay, I digress. I just don't like when people try to get one over on someone. Grrrrr!
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