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Default Advice Needed.....

I need advice regarding a situation that my sister and I are facing at the moment. I am offering her photography services under my business doing tutu photoshoots and maternity pics. We offered a free photo session with 5 high resolution custom images at no charge for modeling for us. The deal was if you decided to purchase more digital images, you could at a 25% discount off regular prices.

These are all things that was stated up front, but now there are 2 clients that are upset because "that's not really a deal" and they want more for free

Emailing back and forth a few times, one of the clients seems to be getting more rude by stating things such as "I didn't ask for your time, you asked for mine" (I believe in response to me trying to explain that the reason I couldn't give out more for free because photography is my sisters only profession and that we put a lot of time, quality, and effort into our work)

I really believe she was shocked at the cost of the packages because over here everybody is a photographer and their prices are ridiculously cheap, but the quality of thier work doesn't compare at all. I know she likes them because she has been very insistent on getting the 10 extra pictures even though she doesn't want to pay for them.

I need advice because I know sometimes we tend to be too nice and at this point, she has really made the situation somewhat stressful. We are at the point where we don't want to use her photos at all just not to deal with the situation any longer. What would you do?
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