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Default Re: New here- HI !! Popular Flowers and Colors

They are beautiful!

I am so jealous, there are tons of craft stores in US, here in Western Canada, all we have is Michaels...

I should check into GB for HH next time. I need some experienment with those flowers!!!

Originally Posted by firedancer201 View Post
It is personal preference on sewing versus gluing. I prefer to glue. My hand sewing skills aren't the best.

Halo Heaven is great for buying the flowers in bulk. Be prepared that a few of the flowers will not be usable. I've had some cut, some with pen marks, and some with glue all over. For the price, I'm ok with having a few that aren't usable.

Hobby Lobby is great for buying flowers one at a time. The first flower came from Walmart and the last two are from Hobby Lobby.
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