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Default Re: Its been a long road

My family was vaccinated with the regular flu shot back in Sept/Oct. I had my baby in Oct so that will help her. As for the Swine shot...I have not been sold on it because it was so rushed and there has not been enough time to really see what will happen with it. For now my two older kids (8 and 9) have to clean their hands every hour in class and when they get into my vehicle I have germ-x waiting for them. When they get home they strip their clothes in the mud room and then run to their rooms to put something else on. They also use paper towels in school to open and close doors and flush the toilets using their foot. Something they learned from me whenever we had to got to the restroom in public way before the swine flu was around.

I am so sorry to hear about your baby. That is hearbreaking. It can take a huge toll on you when you have to be in the hosptial with such a small child. I had to with both my girls when they developed RSV as infants.
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