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Default Re: Its been a long road

The risk are minimal. We are all vacinated and Holly has to get her second dose on Tuesday. I was a mess until we got it and it worked. The only side effect is slight nausea. My mom has been working from the clinic in Boston called Dorchester House. She has been in direct contact with the control center for dieses and she herself got to pick up thousands on vaccines. Kinda cool. I felt like she was on a men in black mission to defeat the evil H1N1 lol.
I had so much anxiety over it too. There really arnt much risk it is made the same way as the seasonal vaccine.

I am so sorry you are going through this I totaly understand how you feel. My hubby got the vaccine just to put my mind at ease. My dad also works at a school as a teacher and they are getting it soon. He agreed to get it for me so I dont have to worry about him. He has ashma bad. I had to bribe him with a Turkey dinner though lol. I had bought a turkey to cook for his bday on Saturday anyways lol. Win WIn!!!!!
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