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Default Its been a long road

I know this is not the area to post this but I know more people read this part of the forum.

I have been absent from the forums almost 3 weeks now, just hopping on here and there.

The reason being all 3 of my children got Swine Flu. My girls are 11 and 7 so it was not a big deal but my son is 5 months.

This meant an extended hospital stay. My son had an IV was poked and tested and just miserable for a little over a week. I will not even go into the horror of the ordeal as I am still teary over it all. The complications from this flu are terrible. I still have to hold him upright to help him breath sometimes at night.

Get your kids vaccinated! If your pediatrician is out of the vaccine (mine was) find one that is not. under 1yr can not get it so its up to the older kids to protect the little ones. I don't care if you do not believe in vaccinating your children do it for the sake of others. My son could have died imagine if it was your son or daughter.

Also if I have agreed to purchase something from any of you and have not paid yet please be patient with me. I am out of time and money. Insurance is not going to cover everything since I had him this year they have a limit on medical care.


PS There are 3 people on here who I have open invoices for please pay me or PM letting me know you do not want. I do not want to worry over it. AND to the 2 people who have not sent my packages...please do!
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