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Default Re: Wrong kind of ribbon?

Hmmm....I'm not 100% sure which ribbon type you are referring to, but there is one type of ribbon that I refer to as gift wrapping ribbon called acetate or craft or floral ribbon. The type of ribbon is used to make those pre-made bows that you peel the sticky back and stick on a package. Is this the type of ribbon you are referring to? If so, there is no need in wasting your time making bows with that. All it is good for is gift wrapping or embellishing floral arrangements (in my opinion). If you are talking about organza ribbon (which is kind of a sheer ribbon that can come wired or unwired), then you could make hairbows with those. Off the top of my head, there are about 3 different types of ribbon used in making bows: grosgrain, satin, and organza. Grosgrain is the most standard ribbon used. Hope this helps!
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