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Default Tutu tips

I haven't had a chance to take pictures as things here have been crazy so I thought I'd post a couple tips on making tutus.

I use a flat box cut to a little longer than I want my tutu to be. Wrap my tulle around it, slide the scissors into the middle and cut and all the tulle.

I use 1" non roll elastic sewn together to make a waistband. I put the waistband on my leg. Smaller tutus go further down my leg, larger tutus further up. You don't want the elastic to stretch on your leg but it works great to make your tulle go the same direction

I take two strips of tulle, separate them. Hold one piece in my hand and add the second piece. This will help it be fuller.

Tie a single knot just to the waistband. Don't make it tight as it will stretch your elastic. Then make a second knot and pull it tight.

Make sure you are tying all your knots in the same direction.

Once you have filled your waistband with double strips of tulle go back and add a single strip in between your double stripes. This helps cover the waistband and make your tutu fuller without adding bulk to the waistband.

Once that is finished flip your tutu upside down on the floor and straighten all your tulle strips so your tutu makes a circle. Trim the ends of the tutu to even them up.

Flip back over. FLuff and trim any stray pieces.

making them this way makes them fluffy and if you pull the scecond knot on the waistband tight enough your waistband won't be bulky.

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