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Default Re: Tut for itty bitty bows?

Originally Posted by newtothis View Post
I use this trick for all my bows. For fuller looking loops you have to spread the loops a lot. you have to exagerate them so that they look nice an perkey. I also put an eraser in the back of the pin it helps hold the ribbon together a lot tighter and i can put it down and come back to it and it will hold its shape.
EXACTLY. If it isn't full enough, separate the fronts of your loop to make it a more narrow x. You want the fronts of the ribbon to make a very narrow x and the backs of the loops to be on top of one another, making the widest x possible. Hope that makes sense.

Originally Posted by idahomommyof4 View Post
Ok I have a really dumb question--when you say run your thread through, through where? Just through where your pin was? Or do you do stitches? See I told you I had a dumb question(s)
Run your thread through where the needle is sticking in the bow in the very bottom bow (the one that is folded in half with the floss-threaded needle poking out of it). This will make one stitch through the bow & only one "crease". For 7/8 I do two stitches, for 1.5" I do three. HTH!

TRY WAXED DENTAL FLOSS if you haven't already! It is all I will use. Strong enough to wrap funky loopy bows even
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