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Default How to make images for Tiles, anyone know?

I've searced every post on here that has this topic in it and no one seems to know or want to share LOL.

Can someone shed some light on how to create images for glass and scrabble tile necklaces? I'm making some for friends for gifts and want to do some UT, some A&M, some HP, etc and the amount it would cost me to buy the images just for the few I want is too much for me at this time. The only photo editing program I have is that comes on the computer. I know how to resize images I find on the web but when I do that it blurs out the pic.
I don't mind paying someone to show me how to do this, if someone would be willing to shed some light for me, yes I've googled, looked at blogs, forums, posts, everything I can think of.
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