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Default Re: Is there such a thing as....

Originally Posted by bowdeelicious View Post
a machine to assist in covering buttons? I have started using fabric and ribbon covered buttons for the center of my hairbows. I have gotten lots of compliments on them. The thing is, my fingers get soooo soar from using the manual push button tool. It isn't quite so bad when I use the 7/8" push tool, but I have started using 5/8" buttons for my infant bows. Now, the push tool for that one drives me mad! It is hard! Is there such a machine that could assist me in this? If so, is it adjustable to cover buttons of different sizes or do you have to buy separate machines for each size?
Any help would be GREATLY me and my fingers !
Dede has a busines that sells machines for covering buttons and the buttons, as well. Here is her profile: Here is her site: I had never gone to her site, but I just did and I think I NEED some of her stuff. Hope this helps.
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