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Default Re: seasoned twisted boutique makers, INOA!!!

wood burner for hot fix??? never heard this but would love to know more!!

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
You can get heat n bond by the yard for fabric, or on a skinny roll. I have both for different applications. You'll want the skinny stuff for fusing ribbon 7/8 or smaller. I am seriously going to buy myself a wood burner after Christmas. I'm really happy with my lighter, but I'm going to step into the hotfix world soon & wood burners can do hotfix . So far all I've done with rhinestones is Gem-Tac glue, which works really well for non-hotfix (the rhinestone guy sings its praises too). Yes, the white gets tarnished if it gets too hot. that is the starch scorching. You can wash your bow with liquid dish soap and warm water and it will come clean. No need to bake again you have already reshaped your polyester permanently. But I would re-starch and let air dry.
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