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Default Re: Clippie case instructions?


Ya know what would be even more practical, in qty wise? Modification of the Crayon Roll. Insteads of sewing the part where you insert your crayons, just replace it with the ribbon (the white, say maybe 2 length of ribbons across (just like the clippie case), make width (top to bottom) a tad wider (just like the clippie case)...wallaaa.. A Clippie Roll a la Clippie Case...or sumthin' sumthin'

ETA: Kinda like buying crayons. Instead of buying the 12 counts, you might as well buy the 24 counts or the 36 counts (while we're at Cheaper! ...

well, just maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe, it might work...just thinking out loud..

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But of course. LOL You know me too well, my friend
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