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Default Re: SWEET DEAL on a photo tent!!!!

I gotta get Photoshop!! I try to convince myself mine are okay with my homemade light box or my new tent (thanks Shelley!) but then I see yours and it's so obvious!! I'll have to tell Santa!

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
No worries. This was just a thread about the "sweet deal" I found. I'm not selling these, just thought I'd pass along a good deal in case anyone wants to get one. The best deal I found on ebay for one of these was for $35. This one was $15 with shipping. For me, it was worth it for the lights alone.

You popped in and discussed making your own tent. At first I kind of felt like you were knocking my purchase & the fact that I passed it along, but you're entitled to your opinion. I'm all for doing things on the cheap. Heck, I tried to make my own at first too. However, I didn't have the right lighting and I was disappointed.

I asked you to post your before photos, because you posted your edited photos and I wanted everyone to have realistic expectations. Good photos are almost always photoshopped. Its not that my tent sucks and yours is great.

I was able to play around a bit. I flipped my tent over so the top was open & a piece of 8.5 x 11 copy paper fits in it perfectly & hides the lower back corner nicely.

Before editing:Attachment 20932

After editing: Attachment 20933
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