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Default Re: seasoned twisted boutique makers, INOA!!!

Originally Posted by tpj58 View Post
I have seen so many bows lately that I am in awe of and I really want to step up my bow making game! When I started making bows I had no idea that forms, directions or templates even existed, therefore, I would purchase a bow and take it apart, then reproduce it. So I guess I don't really know the "proper" techniques for assembling them. I just have a few questions....(*you can kick me if I am missing them on a search somewhere..LOL!)
I want to try making some of these on templates. It takes me seriously an hour to complete a layered twisted w/ spikes. What would you say the best template set would be for this type of bow? Second question is; when you are layering the ribbon, ie. 1.5" solid w/ 7/8" solid, w/ 3/8 dots on top of that, (is this making sense?) what do you use to fuse the ribbon w/out it rippling when you twist the bow?
OK, one last you bake it after it is tied (if so, what temp)? If so , do you starch it first?
Thanks so much for helping me learn the "real" art of making bows
Hmmm..well I don't get the fuse part question. I don't bake my bows, except of course for my korkers. The night I decided to make bows I purchased a instruction packet via Internet. I wont mention names because I feel that it was misleading. It didn't teach the bows it said it did and it cost $25.00! What a waste and the worst part is, as of today, I don't make any bows the way the booklet instructed. I feel you should just go with your instincts. I learned my technique, if you can call it that . By trial and error (and about 200 in wasted ribbon) Don't be afraid to use different techniques and test the waters!

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