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Default Re: SWEET DEAL on a photo tent!!!!

Originally Posted by shelby2000 View Post
I'm telling you, a homemade lightbox out of foam core board, inexpensive clip on lanterns ($2.99 I think), a few daylight light bulbs from Home Depot and a regular camera with no fancy settings is how I do it, and I think my pics are pretty good. I NEVER use a flash, whether it's bows, jewelry, or whatever. I do a little editing with, which is free. I attached one of my jewelry pics and one of my headband/clippie pics for you to see.
Thank you for your opinion, but I bought this already & am so glad you found what works for you. I want to see your pics before you edit so we're comparing apples to apples. What you're seeing here is pre-edited photos.

I made one of these boxes before with tissue paper & a box & it was a PITA to store & the pics came out about the same quality (pre-editing).

I'm going to play with mine later. I will post before & after pics.
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