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Default Re: "Learn How to Make Bows" book & dvd -- good?

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
LMBO @ cartwheels. What you said was "Thank you for all the tips. I have found a lot of free instructions" which sounded like you already knew about them. And if you had, no biggie. I wish I would have had that blog when I started. You should see some of my "training bows" They were Bad! Yes, I made bad a proper noun. They were that Bad. Have you made anything yet?
I made quite a few bows for myself in high school and college, but that was... *cough*20*cough* years or so ago. A few years ago I followed instructions from the Girly Things site to make some bows to match my girls' Easter dresses. (My Mom helped with some of the sewing parts, we made a headband and put a loopy bow on it, the headband was awesome... sort of like a big scrunchy, gathered white eyelet over elastic... the bow, not so much... LOL.)

THIS time around, I've made 2 flowers and a pony-o thingie... gonna try to get pics of them tomorrow and post 'em. Haven't attempted a true "bow" lately, though.

(I had already heard of at least some of the links you posted, but I did make note of all of them so I can check them more carefully later.)