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Default Re: "Learn How to Make Bows" book & dvd -- good?

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
My dear, I have NEVER paid for any instructions. Not that I wouldn't. There is a really cute peppermint candy ribbon sculpture that is calling my name. But honestly, I could figure it out if I took the time.

There are tons of free resources out there:

Just do a search on here and on google for "free hair bow instructions".
Then pay for what you can't find and what people won't share with you (chances are if they won't share it, they paid for it & can't)
Thanks for posting these Shelley! I have been making bows for 5 years now and didn't know about a couple of these. Though I do know how to make them, I still love to read the tutorails to compare them with the own techniques, (that I made up... LOL!)
I have an awesome destash waiting for you;