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Default Re: "Learn How to Make Bows" book & dvd -- good?

Originally Posted by MotherDiva View Post
It's actually
Thank you for all the tips. I have found a lot of free instructions, and I'm part Scottish so I really do hate to part with my money (HA!), but she's having a sale so I wondered if it was worth it or not.

Thanks muchly
This might be a bit bold, but why doesn't she have clear pictures of what her finished bows look like on the home page? I stumbled on her blog, which shows a couple youtube videos. They're not boutique quality bows IMO. I would NOT suggest this set of instructions based on the end products. She has not perfected her own technique yet.

You seem really interested in these instructions. Honestly, I'm shocked that you weren't more excited to see all the free links I just dropped (most people won't. They will expect you to do your own leg work). I'd just hate to see you spend your hard-earned money and end up with bows that look like that

Is it the word "secrets" that intrigues you? What are you wanting to know?
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