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Default HELP ME with Glass Tile Pendants

I'm hoping someone makes glass tile pendants that can help me, because I just got 100 glass tiles and am having problems! They are the tiles like these:
I have read lots of tutorials, but none that help me figure out my problem of course. I am using E600 (as all the tutorials say) to attach my image to my tiles. But, I am getting lots of bubbles between the glass and the image. Are there any tricks to getting the bubbles out? I have tried rubbing them out with my finger, going over the back of the image with the flat side of a toothpick, and even took my wallpaper seam roller to it! LOL. But I still have bubbles. It is hard to smooth out when it is freshly applied, because the image moves all over the place and makes an even bigger mess. I've tried using a little glue and a lot of glue, applying the glue to the image and the tile, but still the same issue. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a secret trick to getting the bubbles out? Or is there a better product to attach the image that won't produce all the bubbles.

Please if anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it. I have two orders for these and have to figure this out quick!
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