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Default Re: Need opinions on camera please!!!

Originally Posted by princess_stinkypants_mom View Post
I have the rebel and mine is a refurbished one as well even though I didn't realize that at the time-lol. I've had it for almost 4 years now I think. Unfortunately I haven't taken the time to learn the manual side of it, but it works well enough on automatic, but I'd really like to understand all of the other stuff. My problem is that I am HORRIBLE with trying to teach myself-I need hands on training but I don't really want to sit through a class I just want someone to take a few hours and explain it-lol.

And, ITA I have photoshop and couldn't live without it

Thanks for the info...Have u tried looking at youtube to explain the camera. I looked on there last night to see if i would like the rebel or would even be able to understand it. I basically just want a camera to take the blurry backgrounds. I don't need all the other bells and whistles. I am thinking of finding an older camera on ebay to play around with, then moving on up to a more expensive one. Sorry, now i am rambling. Thank u for the info though...
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