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Default Re: Never made scrabble tiles

Originally Posted by tinyt19784 View Post
i have some images on my etsy

i have bought the scrabble game to get the tiles or they sell on ebay

i do the same as she said above me but i use etlite instead of diamond glaze =)

OMG where did you find the spongebob images?

Originally Posted by shaynamills View Post
There are many tuts on here, just do a search, I am on a mailing that gives out free images as well as use my own and I've purchased some too. You can get the scrabble tiles on Ebay, or with any scrabble game, we have a few games so I just stole from my stash since we never play it. I cut out my image, adhere it with modge podge, let it dry, then cut and file the paper down so that there are no hang over's. Then I seal the top with Modge Podge, let that dry then seal with Diamond Glaze. Let it dry overnight. Once it's dry I glue the bail on the back and let it dry and viola. Cute scrabble tile necklaces. Here's a pic of some at my show this past weekend.
Thanks for your help
Originally Posted by sweetpeapalace View Post
Here is a tut.

I will send you a couple tiles, bails, printed images and ball chain necklaces to complete a few necklaces when I send your package (I owe you one anyway

all you will need is some modge podge and diamond glaze or ET lite and some glue to glue the bail on (E6000 is what most people use)
you totally don't owe me, that is awesome though, thank you for doing that! where do you get your images from?
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