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Default Re: How to make ribbon shirt

Originally Posted by andrea46808 View Post
I am interested in seeing what this shirt looks like. The links to ebay auctions are all closed so there aren't any pictures anymore. Does anyone have one?
I basically use the same method given. Except I don't recommend anything like wonder under; I use either fusible interfacing or Steam a Seam2 (can find at Joanns). This won't gum up your sewing machine needle and works great holding the ribbon in place to sew, and keeps the soft feel of the tshirt. I've also washed and dried mine many times with no problems there either. I sew the ribbon on before sewing the seams together, and finish the seams with my serger so it still has that soft feel and professional look on the inside. I've made tons of these, and they sell well for me at craft shows. I used to attach a bow to the shirt, but for me anyway I found it more popular to offer a matching bow and headband. To make the ruffle on the bottom of the shirt I measure about 3 1/2 times the width of the shirt and sew the ribbon together (if using more than one). Then to sew to the bottom of the shirt to get the ruffle; you have to stretch the tshirt as you sew; making sure to stretch with the needle in the down position as you're sewing. I do a few inches at a time holding the stretch as I sew and then moving a few more inches. (hope that makes sense) Anyway, I have some I just listed on my website, and my etsy right now. I have about 15 sets left from my last show I want to put on the website too. or

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