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Default ~~~Calling All Awesome Knot Tutu Makers~~~

If you can make an Awesome Knot Tutu...Please Help!!

I have seen several (at least 3 or 4 in the past month) threads about making the knot tutu and how and what knot to use...

However...most say the square knot is the best to use and some of us are having a hard time making them really poofie, and having a straight clean bottom also...and well we need your help.

So if you are an Awesome Tutu maker please post a tut, a link to youtube, or pics with instructions on how to make a knot that will not allow the material to slip and how to make them poofie.

I have searched thru most of the links on hip girl & the web and tried to use them but am still coming out with a very lame tutu!! I thought it was just me lacking the ability to make a tutu but it seems others are having the same issue.

Also...don't know about others but I am willing to pay for a tut if your tutu looks like what I have been trying to make!
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