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Default Re: DIY $2 Macro Photo Studio

Originally Posted by hipgirl View Post
I need a light tent to shoot pictures for my website. The professional one EZcube cost more than $100. The cheap one on eBay cost about $25 shipped. Did a research about DIY light box, light tent, photo studio and found over 30 instructions. This one is the best--easy to follow, great results.

The article says $10 but I only spent $0.58 for a poster board. I couldn't find the black one so I covered the white board with a piece of black fabric which I found in my closet.
First, here is the very helpful instruction:
Strobist: How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio

And here is the one I made:

How To Make Light Box/Light Tent : Hip Girl Boutique - , Ribbons, Hair Bows, Hair Clips, Hairbow Hardware, Free Hairbow Instructions

Fantastic job!!! I was wondering do you know how photographers do the white on white, identical to this light box, but with people in it, such as our little girl models shooting for our hair products? That is something I really want to know too, any ideas, would be GREAT!
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